Announcing My 100 Day Project 2018

I know this is a pretty late announcement, but oh well.

In a nutshell, I’m starting #100daysofsendingcards, in which I make a card every day for 100 days and send them out to people I know. I’m not putting any other limits on it–just one handmade card every day for 100 days.

So you might get a handmade card from me at some point between April 3, 2018 and July 11th, 2018. Chances are that if I know your first and last name, address, and have ever talked to you in person, you will. I have 100 of these to do, after all.

I learned about this project for the first time last year, when I started listening to the Elise Gets Crafty podcast. I was reminded about it on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about whether I want to participate and what I would want to do.

Reading more about the challenge helped me. I especially liked the list of questions posed on The Great Discontent website.

1. What are you passionate about? Is there something you used to do that you gave up, something you’d like to explore, something that intrigues you?

The first part of that question is pretty overwhelming to me because I am passionate about a lot of things. It’s way too broad, and I get intimidated trying to narrow it down. But the second part of the question really got me going. There are a couple of things that I used to do all the time that I don’t do now and would love to start doing again.

I used to spend hours on my bed in my room drawing/painting and listening to music. That was me in high school and to some extent in college, though I was more into writing in college. I wanted to spend most of my alone time recharging in that way–I liked to be with my friends and out doing stuff, but when I was alone, I just wanted to be creative.

Another thing I really liked to do was send (and get) letters and notes in the mail. I wrote back and forth with several people when I was in middle and high school–my grandmother in Alpena, my friend Jessica, this young couple from my church that moved away, a friend that had to go to rehab, a soldier that I’d never met–I loved writing and connecting with people in that way, and I did it practically every day for a long time.

I didn’t always make my own cards–at that point in my life it felt childish, I think–I couldn’t get past the construction paper Mother’s Day cards that we used to make–but for my 100 day project I’m going to do it–make a card every day and then every week or so, mail out a pile of them to my friends and family.

2. Pick an object or objects. What do you already have in your possession that could be used to facilitate the project?

This question really spoke to me–I have so many markers, stickers, card stock pieces, actual blank cards, envelopes, rubber stamps and other odds and ends for paper crafting that it actually sometimes makes my head swim. I’m the person that complains about how much clutter there is in the house and then goes off to Hobby Lobby because they are getting rid of two aisles of paper crafting and are having a huge clearance sale.

I’m also always psyched to have a reason to use my Cricut, so there’s that, too. Plus, if I get tired of doing one card style, I can always switch over to watercolor, drawing, or lettering.

3. Consider your location. Will you be home, traveling, or a combination? Pick something that is feasible to complete.

This was a good one to consider, too, since we go up to Bellaire so often, especially in the summertime, when the bulk of this project will be taking place. I couldn’t pick a big project that would be hard to complete on the go–one of my first (insane) thoughts was to paint a piece of furniture every day for 100 days–glad I talked myself down from that nonsense.

I also backed off of the idea to create and send a card every day–I’ll be creating one card a day and then sending them off once a week or so. I think that will make it a little more manageable (though I’m back and forth to the post office several times a week for my Etsy shop, so it probably will be oftener than once a week anyway).

4. Choose your action. What’s your verb?

They give a whole list on the website, but as soon as I read the question I knew. Connect. I’m not going to claim that I’ll be creating 100 cards that are perfectly personalized to 100 people that I know for the express purpose of connecting myself to that person on a deeper level in which we’ve never been connected before.

What I will say is that I’ll try to create cards that will speak to people, on one level or another. I’ll try to use what I know about a person, or what I know is going on in their life, to inspire or encourage or comfort or cheer them. I’ll be praying over every card and every brush stroke, praying for these people as the cards go out each week. I’ll be working through my own moments of insincerity and discomfort and unwillingness.

I’m trying to think back to all those notes and letters I wrote in high school. It was probably a lot of just what was going on with me. I doubt it was anything substantive. Still, the people I was writing to were going through big things. Infertility, divorcing parents, active duty, separation from family and friends. There were smaller things, too–bad grades, acne, embarrassing things done in front of crushes. I don’t remember where my head was at when I was writing all those old letters, but I do remember one specific night when one of my friends was at a dance with the boy I had a crush on at the time.

I was in a funk, right? I just wanted to be sad and grumpy and eat pizza and go to bed, but I remember pulling myself out of it to write a note to my friend in rehab. I remember wanting to turn the night around, to put something into someone else rather than to continue to think about myself and my problems all night. That’s the moment that I want to distill and keep with me throughout this challenge.

There’s obviously the creative portion, too.

I don’t know exactly what I’m hoping to get out of this challenge. I know when I started thinking about this my first thought was “what am I going to do with 100 little projects after this is over?” I have pack rat tendencies, though I try to purge every few months or so. Usually that starts with big dreams of getting rid of everything that I haven’t used in the last five minutes, and ends with me taking two tiny boxes to the thrift store because I “might use that stuff someday.” I need Marie Kondo up in here stat.

So I’m happy to have come up with a project that I can immediately release into the world.

I’m also hoping to get past some creative blocks that I’ve been struggling with. I’ve always been great at reproducing ideas–drawings, Pinterest projects, paint techniques–and I’m getting really good at coming up with variations on ideas that I’ve seen. What I feel like I struggle with is originality. This paragraph could be an entire blog post, complete with example after example, so I’ll just leave it there. I’m excited to come up with some original designs.

I’ve always struggled with perfectionism, which is probably why I didn’t just jump at the thought of doing this and run off into the sunset immediately with it. “Done is better than perfect” just never really works for me. If I don’t think I can do something perfectly, chances are I won’t do it until I think I can. I’m trying to work on that. The first week of the challenge went ok. I’m trying not to plan too far ahead (factoring in birthdays that I know are coming up, holidays, milestones, etc.), although ideas just pop into my head all the time and I have to write them down or else they will keep me up all night. Am I doing this right? Oh yeah, perfectionism. Working on it.

Are you doing the challenge? Comment with your hashtag so I can follow you! And it isn’t too late to start–you can do it anytime!!